Amarenak, “mother’s” in Basque, is a story that begun to be written several years ago. Oihane Pardo, an architect and designer from San Sebastian (Basque Country, Spain), inherited from her mum her grandmother’s kaiku (a traditional Basque coat). And so it started.

For the next years, Oihane was living abroad in different cities and countries such as Barcelona, La Rochelle (France), Brussels (Belgium), Tenerife and Shanghai (China). During that period, that kaiku was Oihane’s favourite coat on her trips, the connection with her home, family and culture. But one day, when she wanted to buy a new one, was when she found out that the kaikus where about to disappear. She couldn’t found them almost anywhere, and the ones she found had nothing to do with that one she inherited.

So, in some point, she decided to quit her job as an architect in Shanghai and go back to San Sebastian, to help building that world she believed in. And Amarenak was born, to redesign those clothes and object that one day could have belonged to our mothers and granny’s and avoid their disappearance.

Since October 2017, this project is being developed in Kutxa kultur Enea.